• Yosi Sergant (The Publicist Behind Shepard Fairey’s Obama Hope Posters) reached out to me and several other artists about doing a #GoVote illustration as a part of a social media campaign to get out the vote. This is my contribution. Follow the #GOVOTE campaign, feel free to share and use the graphics and check out other artists' work as it is posted here:
     TWITTER: @govotenov6 
    FACEBOOK: facebook.com/govotenov6
    TUMBLR: govotenov6.tumblr.com
    INSTAGRAM: #GoVote

  • FACEBOOK/PINTEREST/TWITTER/TUMBLR GRAPHIC (600x600 pixels) Feel free to use
  • FACEBOOK COVER PHOTO (feel free to use)
  • GOOGLE + IMAGE (feel free to use)