be one. be all. just be.

  • be one. be all. just be.

    Rebooting an iconic fragrance.
    Over twenty years ago, ck one debuted as a groundbreaking unisex fragrance and went on to define the aesthetic of that decade’s youth. With the 90's back in fashion, we created a campaign to reintroduce the fragrance and extend the line with the new ck all across a wide range of media.

  • We created all of the assets for the campaign, including the iconic bottles, from scratch. Basing the creative off the accompanying print campaign (shot by Karl Kleiner), we found an approach that brought the existing creative into a pure product universe. We modeled the bottles in 3D, shaded, lit them and then animated a series of collisions, juxtapositions and reveals.
    We used over 30 assets to create cutdowns and edits for Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and display advertising.

  • Motion prototypes

    Here are the early motion prototypes I did during the concept phase.
    On the left side: an ode to the history of ck ads. We wanted to project clips from Harmony's brand film onto a 3D bottle. We created teasing close ups of the product to create a distorted, hard cutting sequence as his indelible imagery warps and redefines itself around the curvature of the bottle. On the right side, another exploration based on the 
    unisex fragrance.

  • Client
    Calvin Klein

    Stink Studios

    My role
    Lead Motion Designer and 3D Artist
    Creative concept & Motion prototypes
    3D modeling — texturing — lighting — animations

    Team Credits
    Creative Director: Ben Hughes
    Art Director: Thomas Pregiato
    3D Artist: Anthony Meric & Harry Thompson