• Special.T • Ô Green

    How to launch a brand-new flavour excusively sold on the Internet:  no one can taste it, no one can smell it.
     Now you can dive right into a magical & interactive 3D sub-aquatic zen garden, 
    developed with WebGL technology, to promote Ô Green, the new Ltd Edition tea by SPECIAL.T.

  • Animations Breakdown

    Here is an exemple of the real-time animations I got to craft ready to be integrated in WebGL.
    It was a great pleasure to make this experience come alive from paper to screen!

  • Case Study

  • My role
    Lead Motion Designer
    Creative concept
    Motion prototypes

    3D modeling — texturing — lighting — animations

    Team Credits
    Interactive Director: Julien Rault
    Interactive Art Director: Lionel Taurus
    Lead Creative Dev: Pierre Lepers
    Creative Dev: Efflam Daniel
    Sound Design: Rodolphe Alexis

    Publicis Nurun x Make Me Pulse

    Special.T by Nestlé