Marketing & Brand Building - Info Graphic Campaign

  • Pivot Conference
    Marketing & Brand Building
  • The Pivot Conference, a leading, two-day social marketing and branding conference held annually in New York, came to Barnickel Design to create a series of info graphics to promote the conference and the insightful reports the Pivot team researches year-round. Utilizing classic research methods, as well as cutting-edge social analytics platforms, Barnickel Design worked with the Pivot team to produce a successful and well-shared set of graphics.
  • For the first graphic, "The Perception Gap," we were asked to take a 2011 Pivot survey of marketing professionals and turn it into a narrative that would entice possible attendees with the type of data they would see unveiled at Pivot 2012. This graphic became the most successfully shared graphic Pivot had released, resulting in over 500 social shares and 50 blog write-ups.
  • The next graphic covers the reaction of USA Today's Facebook audience following their recent rebrand and redesign. Working with Unmetric, Barnickel Design was able to showcase the amazing results a clean, fresh identity redesign can bring in. Released to Pivot Attendees as part of the main event, this graphic was shared across the Web, becoming Pivot's third-most-shared piece of content of the year.
  • For this graphic, we decided to rip a topic straight from the headlines. Using NetBase's social intelligence platform, we were able to put together a compelling evaluation of developer sentiment surrounding major social network API changes. Acting quickly on the news allowed the graphic to share even better than the first, and catch the eye of media like The Next Web.
  • Altogether, the series of graphics brings more than 1,500 Unique viewers to the Pivot site each month, helping the conference generate leads and maintain its hold on the cutting edge of social data.