Sales Leadership Academy

  • Verizon
    Sales Leadership Academy 2017
    Branding & Art Direction

  • Theme and brand development that communicates the idea that every employee’s contribution “matters” and that individual success will lead to collective success. 
    Umatter #befearless became the thread for the entire training event experience.

    This 25 week long Leadership Academy was designed to transform 8,750 leaders in every retail store around the entire country. Retail is changing rapidly and Verizon asked to help prepare their leaders for the future. 

    A massive 8 foot x 36 foot LED wall, displayed custom designed, super wide digital content including motion graphics and presentation backgrounds, to provide an immersive learning environment.

    We completed 5 weeks of training for the Retail Leadership. At the end of 5 very successful weeks the client decided to do 20 more weeks of training to reach all leaders at every level. The impact to the business has been transformative.

    All photos by Stephan Faerber

    My Role: Concept, theme & event brand design, including the design of all branded print & digital communication elements, digital screen content, signage and wayfinding elements and event photography.