Little Gestalten Children's Book: ANIMAL ALLSTARS (WIP)

  • Animal Allstars
    Little Gestalten

    On over 60 pages, children from 8 years onwards and their parents can dive into the secret world of African animals and learn about their super powers. Besides a breakdown of both notable and curious traits including class, weight, habitat and social behaviors the reader gets to know a corresponding African folk tale - interweaving method and myth.
  • Above: a final double spread and the work in progress with the draft on the left and the shapes on the right.
    Below: The pangolin was one of the first aninals I was drawing for the book. As you can see, I kept the final image very close to the first draft.
  • When the pangolin is attacked it rolls up to a ball which even a lion can't open...
  • Below: When a honey badger fights with a king cobra, the honey badger is most likely the winner. Draft, work in progress and final double spread.
  • Below: Work in progress of the inking of a nile crocodile.
  • Below: Drafts for the images of an aye-aye, a dromedar and a mungo.
  • Animal Allstars
    African Animals Facts and Folklore
    by Florian Bayer

    Release Date Europe: 5th of September 2017
    Release Date USA: 10th of October 2017

    Text: Alicia Klepeis
    Format: 20.5 × 26.5 cm
    Features: Full color, hardcover, 64 pages
    Recommended for: ages 8 and up
    Language: English

    Shop Price: €19.90

    The book is also beeing released in German, entitled Auf Safari
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