Field and Flesh—Primal Nature and Feminine Sexuality in the Films of Lars Von Trier
    About_An integrated communications project, Field and Flesh is a visual system developed for a hypothetical Lars Von Trier film festival. The visual system is based on the common thread found in the four films: Dancer in the Dark, Dogville, Antichrist, Melancholia, and Nymphomaniac: Vol 1 & 2.
    Thread_Lars Von Trier, a Danish auteur, presents sexually complex female protagonists who—as they fuck through the chaos and brambles— transcend their craven male counterparts. In spite of their bleak endings, they are primal forces of nature not to be fucked with.
    Materials_One of the biggest challenges working on this project was trying to convey a balance between feminine sensuality, nature, and horror. To show this complex relationship I used the materials resin, hair, wood, and organic objects found in nature.