Be Heard

  • Be Heard is a thought-provoking media organization devoted to spreading ideas. It features interviews with speakers, professionals, designers, artists and more. It’s across various disciplines including Technology, Entertainment, Design, Global issues, the arts and more. We want to emphasize on how ideas can impact the world by inviting thinkers and doers to give the talk of their lives. 

    Be Heard is a place to listen, read and interact with the stories that matter most to you. Thousands of voices read, write and wait to be heard. It is a network that enables people to make an impression on others, to make them think or change their minds, to teach them something or connect emotionally. It is a place where conversions push ideas forward, and ideas matter in the end. Be Heard also allows people to discover events that match their passions and to bring people together through live experiences.
  • Objective
    Create a brand system based on the organization’s essence, to spread ideas and be heard.
    Apply the visual language to multiple mediums, both in print and digital platforms.
    Design a website and mobile app that enhance and delight user experience.

    The goal is to make the brand stand out by implementing compelling visuals - a set of the neon color palette and bold typography while delivering an enhanced user experience on both mobile and web platform.
    I created an identity that is simple and strong. It represents the power of ideas by mimic the movement of voices breaking out of the box.