• EPIC’s breakthrough technology offers a new future for the mineable oil sands. With it we can pursue economic and environmentally viable development, generate jobs and revenue, and signal to the world that responsible resource development is possible as we transition towards a greener, lower-carbon future. 
  • EPIC Oil Extractors (EPIC) is at the centre of a fundamental shift in the way that mineable oil sands resources are extracted. By moving away from the traditional Clark Hot Water Process and transitioning into a more sustainable, water-free approach to extraction, EPIC is ready to support operators as Canada, and the world enters into a lower-carbon future.
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  • Storyboard – sketch [sequence 6.2]
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  • Here is a selection of assets that have been created during the brand design and development phase to help the client to visualize the story.
  • EPIC Oil Extractors – steps
  • EPIC Oil Extractors process – diagram
  • Extraction Chamber – infographics
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  • NATIONAL Public Relations and EPIC Oil Extractors won three awards for their work on this short informative video: the ‘Gold’ Hermes Creative Award, the 2018 Videographer Award ‘with distinction’, and the ‘Gold’ dotComm Award. Read More

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  • Agency: NATIONAL Public Relations
    Brand Strategy & Copywriting: Alexandra Frison, Patrick Breton & Matthew Bardsley
    Creative/Art Direction & Design: Patrick Breton
    Animation: Patrick Breton