• After many years in development, Google’s Material Design team were finally ready to show the world how their UI design system could easily be applied to improve user experience utilizing one powerful tool: COLOR! I worked with Buck to develop this explainer animation which showcases the color-based rationale and functionality of Material Design.

    Directed by: Buck

    Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait

    Executive Producer:
 Anne Skopas

    Producer: Ann Seymour
    Associate Creative Director: Ben Langsfeld, Daniel Oeffinger
    Design: Stephen Kelleher, Nicolo Bianchino, Ben Langsfeld, Daniel Oeffinger
    Animation: Nicolo Bianchino, Sander van Dijk, Aaron Kemnitzer, Justin Lawes, Daniel Oeffinger
    Development: Sander van Dijk, Justin Fines, Yker Moreno
    Original Music, Sound Design & Mix: Antfood

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