THE CORE Create a logo mark design for BE, which stands for Black Excellence. The company creates fashionable, timeless, fun, and tailored college apparel for students, alumni, and fans of the University/College. 
    TARGET GROUP The target customers are current students, alumni, and all supporters of HBCU´s. This includes artists, entertainers, journalists, political & social justice activists as well as athletes. The customers care about comfortable, fashion forward products that are one of a kind.
    COMPETITION Key players in the collegiate apparel are Campus bookstores, CLC, and any other retailer selling collegiate apparel and paraphilia.
    INSPIRATION Voracious Games take inspiration from animated films studios (like Studio Ghibli Movies, Pixar Films, DreamWorks Movies and Disney Films).
    FEELINGS/TONE Words that should be associated with the brand are: timeless and classic. BE shall be perceived as a culturally conscience apparel line seeking to celebrate these great institutions by bringing more awareness to the impact that they are making in shaping our future leaders through fashion.
    USAGE The logo will be used on website, social media, business cards, packaging and clothing tags.  

    / SOLUTION /

    SIMPLISTIC, TIMELESS AND CLASSIC The solution is a strong, bold and simplistic. I have deliberately made it simple in shape so that the logo can be used on a variety of clothing and surroundings, it´s versatile. This linear type of logos are classic type treatment that stands the sands of time. 
    STANDS OUT The dynamic and monogram logo is a one of kind. It stands out. 
    EASY TO READ, EASY TO USE The logo is consciously pretty bold and simple in shape in order to make it both legible and easy to implement in all sorts of media and on all sorts of material.
    UNIQUE An all hand-drawn logo ensures that it is unique. 

  • Above. Sketches and inspiration. 

  • Above. Refined initial sketches. 

  • Above. One of the abandoned logo drafts. 

  • Above. Another one of the abandoned logo drafts.

  • Above. Inking up the chosen direction. 

  • Above. Mockup of the final logo. Below. Final logo mark design.

  • Thank you for watching!
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