Lettering for Lendo via Jung Von Matt


    THE CORE Award-winning Swedish agency Jung Von Matt wanted a lettering for an ad to their customer Lendo. The main message were "You are worth a lower bank rate than you think". Jung Von Matt wanted the ad and lettering to flirt with motivational posters like "Make today great" or "Carpe Diem". I received a couple of style direction images for inspiration and the sentence "Du är värd mindre än du tror" (i.e. "You are worth less than you think"). Jung Von Matt was looking for happy, classy, good looking and hand-crafted letters. Jung Von Matt also wanted the lettering to form a shape and to have gold and green as the color scheme. 
    ABOUT LENDO Lendo is the bank loan variant of Pricerunner. Free of charge Lendo compares different bank rates for you so that you can find the lowest possible rate. 
    USAGE The ad was published in Dagens Nyheter, one of Sweden´s largest newspaper magazines, on the 11th of July 2017. 

    / SOLUTION /

    SPENCERIAN LETTERING After researching lettering styles I found that the spencerian lettering style would fit perfect for this assignment. I collected a lot of inspiration and started sketching. 
    VECTOR After I was happy with the sketch I started to trace it in Adobe Illustrator. Once happy with the vector version, I sent it to Jung Von Matt for approval. Next step depth: 
    ADDED DEPTH I also added shadows and highlights to give the lettering more depth and impact. Most of it was made in Adobe Illustrator but the final touches were made in Adobe Photoshop.  
    DECORATION By implementing a lot of flourish and swirls I formed the lettering into one unit. 
    HAPPY CLIENTS Both Jung Von Matt and Lendo are very happy with the result 

  • Above. Inspiration. 

  • Above. Sketches and more sketches. 

  • Above. The more or less final sketch before going into vector phase.

  • Above. Vector version. 

  • Above. The full final ad.

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