LC Luxe – Logo Design and Animation

  • Logo design and animation for SG Associates' video showcase brand, Lab Coat Luxe, or LC Luxe. "SG Associates is a boutique real estate agency with a visionary approach to selling luxury homes." LC Luxe is a video brand showcasing luxury homes and interviews with "some of the best agents in luxury real estate locally, regionally & nationally." The goal was to come up with a design that conveyed a sense of "Luxury".

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    Client: Sergio Gonzalez, SG Associates |
    Designer/Motion Designer: Chris Cappilla

    // Initial Sketches //
  • // Final Logo //
  • // Logo Animation //
  • // Just for fun experimenting with color //
    Original photography is below, and is provided, shot, and owned by SG Associates. Photos from some of their previous listings.
  • // Some Process //
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