Spice Mama Indian Chili Sauce

  • Spice Mama is a startup located in the San Francisco Bay Area making addictive chili sauces that are spicy and sweet, combining rich, traditional Indian heritage with the beauty and freshness of clean California cooking.
    Design Womb delivered a colorful and playful brand identity that is balanced with modern and sophisticated packaging design and print collateral. The brand takes pride in the quality of their ingredients and the visual beauty of these exotic Indian sauces, so we utilized a clear glass jar with custom screen printing to further elevate simple brand messaging while showing off the product.

    The focus is entirely on a handmade and hand drawn logo paired with descriptive flavor notes to help shoppers make quick decisions in a retail environment. When they see the product on the shelf they can immediately shop the look of the sauce and the enticing mouth-watering flavors of each.