WCIT 2019 🞮 Rethinking the center 🞮 Yerevan

    In 2014 Maeutica helped UATE to present Armenia at the World Congress on Information Technology in Mexico as an applicant to host the congress in 2019. The «Why Armenia» video storytelling along with the speech won jury's hearts and Armenia was chosen to host WCIT 2019. 
    So the next challenge set for Maeutica was to create integral brand ideology and visual identity for WCIT 2019 Yerevan that would communicate both the general idea of the world congress and the idea of decentralization that Armenian team invited the world to discuss and share thoughts on in Yerevan.

    The cross-cutting theme of WCIT 2019 brand ideology is a call to Rethink the Center. Based on J.J. Derida’s Deconstruction theory we suggest expanding the vision and looking beyond the set rules, question the world binary division between the famous and unknown, big and small, the center and peripheries where the resources, the knowledge, the power and energy are concentrated. The world we want to live in is a place, where any point can become the pillar you base your reality on, any point can be the Center, the place, the point that will make change in the whole system, can become a new undiscovered source of knowledge, power and energy.

    Visual storytelling that perfectly and simply translated the basic brand principles is based on seemingly blank canvas, where one unfolds the familiar perceptions only to expose new layers of inspiration. The idea was visualized by manifesting the relativity of the Center, the possibility and excitement of exploring new centers. This is an invitation to choose a point and start building a whole new world around it. As confusing as it may seem at first, the idea soon becomes clear: the alternative opposed to the traditional zoning is shifting your point of view. The creative concept suggests as follows – every point on the map of your life is a milestone, and it is up to you and the generation of restless minds to tell your own story creating your own rules.
    Brand ideology, visual identity, souvenirs and merchandising, verbalization, video storytelling, art direction, communication campaign.

    Client: Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE)
    Account Director: Marina Ghazaryan
    Brand Strategist/Copywriter: Nika Yepiskoposyan
    Art director/Design: Karen Gevorgyan
    Project Manager: Lucas Madoyan
    Photography: Daniel Ghazaryan, Arnos Martirosyan 
    Video production: Trilogy