Florence Luxury Villas

  • Florence Luxury Villas

    Florence Luxury Villas is a complex of 12 properties in some of the most suggestive Florentine locations, Pian de' Giullari and the Settignano hills, in the heart of the authentic Tuscan countryside. Micheal Naify, the owner of Villa Strozzi and Torre del Gallo, fell in love with this location while studying Renaissance history at the University, since then and  for over 15 years he has been sharing this luxury homes with exclusive travellers around the world.
  • A new brand meets a fast and secure website
    The history and the beauty of these properties inspired us to create a new branding system that would enhance the Renaissance style of these villas. Using the coat of arms of one of the houses as starting point we created the new logo, color palette and icon set.
    The static website, developed with DatoCMS, allows the client to fully customize each item, guaranteeing the greatest efficiency in terms of safety and performance.