• I love a good pun, and thus was born "That's My Jam"

    Below is an explanation of my process from start to finish. You will be able to get a look behind the scenes of my design decisions and see how I ended up with the final result.

    I wanted a playful piece that made people laugh, while also looking deliciously mouth-watering. When I started, I knew I wanted the lettering to be made of jam on toast. The lettering would take the spotlight, and the rest of the scene would tell the story. I imagined a breakfast scene that was very relaxed, warm, inviting, and airy. 
  • Sketching

    I started sketching the lettering with the ratio of toast taken into consideration. Once I chose the direction out of several thumbnails, I started refining the sketch. Even though I was refining the curves and making the lines more precise, I still wanted the letters to look somewhat believable as written in jam. 

    In the refining process, I made sure the composition was balanced, and all the letters had enough space for the texture that it would be given in 3D software. Jam is not going to be perfectly smooth like honey, it will have small bits of the fruit creating bumpy textures that are irregular. This lettering needs to accommodate that displacement without running into each other.