Manifesto is a Calabrese Roasting House with a goal; to give you the best coffee possible.
    The Gangemi brothers are thoughtful and passionate about this drink; taking their barista studies from Milan and mixing their Calabrian roots among with their present home in Yucatan. They have established very clear rules on how to get excellent coffee, their manifesto begins in the careful selection of grain, continuing with its roasting, grinding and preparation. Part of their manifesto: "Our motivation is to share the passion and love we have for this drink. We are not a franchise, we do not want to negotiate quality, we want to reach everyone, we want to give them coffee as friends, we want them to live this passion with us ".
    The brand has as one of its essential axes, Calabria: the cliffs and the color of the Mediterranean sea is used in the brandmark. The nautical flags represent each of the letters of Manifesto and are applied in all the graphic communication.
    The architecture was made by Tangente Proyectos and they transmitted the Calabrian spirit into the roasting house through the use of colors and elements.
    Honesty and passion in this crossroads of origins and destinations, is what makes this house a unique mix, were one is able to drink the best cup of coffee; as it should be.