xCoAx 2017 — Branding & Merchandising

  • This project was made during my internship at id:D FBAUP in which I had to create all the graphic materials that were needed for the xCoAx 2017. By this way, the tote bag, the lanyards and the ID cards are a good example. xCoAx 2017 took place in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (FBAUL). 

    Art direction: Miguel Carvalhais
    Photographies: Bruno Santos, Ana Caria, Leonor Fonseca e Matilde Albuquerque
  • xCoAx 2017 tote bags
  • xCoAx 2017 lanyards
  • xCoAx 2017 ID cards — the blue ones were for the guests and the pink ones for the staff & organization members