xCoAx 2017 — Branding & Merchandising

  • This project was made during my internship at id:D FBAUP in which I had to create all the graphic materials that were needed for the xCoAx 2017. By this way, I had to make a tote bag, the lanyards, the ID cards and the program of the event. xCoAx 2017 took place in the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon (FBAUL). 

    Art direction: Miguel Carvalhais
    Photographies: Bruno Santos, Ana Caria, Leonor Fonseca e Matilde Albuquerque
  • xCoAx 2017 tote bags
  • xCoAx 2017 lanyards
  • xCoAx 2017 ID cards — the blue ones were for the guests and the pink ones for the staff & organization members
  • xCoAx 2017 program (front)
  • xCoAx 2017 program (cover)
  • xCoAx 2017 ZDB Gallery program poster