Youth Art Project // Visual System Design

  • Youth Art Project 2016 // Visual System & Event Design
    - 2016 Summer
    - Instructor: David Hake

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    Many people think fine arts is hard to understand. However, fine arts can interpret our life experience and connect people in different ways.
    In order to promote a creative and positive art environment, I want to design an event to help youths doing artworks. The event aims to build
    a positive relationship between artists and people in San Francisco.

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    Logo Design
    I chose an iconographic solution relative to a color palette. There are three curved strokes on the palette icon to represent doing artwork.
    And the three strokes mean the Youth Art Project has three different mediums for youths doing their works. The logo typeface is Officina Sans designed by Erik Spiekermann.
  • Poster Design
    In my posters, there are three slogans and three different art mediums.

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    In order to encourage people to join the event, the second deliverable is the project brochure. The brochure is about the Youth Art Project and
    its concepts. People can get information and understand what the event is about.

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    Event App
    People can download the app to search for the artworks in the city. The app can show people where to go. Also, if people see the artwork at the public location, they can use this app to read more information and give feedback.

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    The website is a platform for people to join the event. People can register for the event online and get more information. People can also see artworks made by youths. And they can make donations and be volunteers for the event.

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    1. Business Card
    2. T-Shirt

  • This is a graduate¬†school project from Academy of Art University School of Graphic Design.
    Photo Credit: SFMOMA