Fanceat - eat outside the box

  • Name: Fanceat
    Gourmet food delivery
    Task: Corporate Identity
  • Fanceat is an Italian startup, based in Turin, that allows you to buy, from every town in Italy (and in some European cities too) a box that contains everything you need to recreate a fine restaurant dinner at home. It's not about raw ingredients but all preparations have been made by the Chefs at their restaurants. When you order, they ship personally the box which arrives within 24 hours and all you have to do is to open it and follow the simple instruction to ensemble a starred restaurant's menu, at home.
  • The first presentation of the rebrand has been made through this video in which the concept is explained: a cut that separates and yet unify the classic and the modern, analogic and digital, the best tradition with the convenience of the innovation. On representing this Tradition/Innovation cohabitation the logotype has been made half with a serif font and the other half with a sans-serif one.
  • Alongside with the new branding, it comes all the corporate image: recipes, blog, documents, business cards... Everything has been designed to cope with the starred restaurant's communications standard which has to be elegant but not aged or obsolete. Here what the instructions for a menu's preparation look like: A brief description of the dish in each page and up to four easy steps each.
  • Instructions to complete the menu
  • Instructions to complete the menu
  • Instructions to complete the menu
  • Business cards
  • The website is a shop page where you can filter all menus in different ways (cuisine, price, origin, starred or gourmet, ...) while in each product page people can find not only a description of the menu they can order but also the restaurant's story and an introduction to the chef who made those dishes.
  • Website shop page and product page
  • The social media plan reckon on a blog too. This powerful tool for storytelling provides the shop website with in-target customers, who are much more involved in the purchasing process after they developed empathy toward chefs and their stories.
  • Fanceat's Blog "EAT OUTSIDE THE BOX"
  • Still life food photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Reportage restoration photography
  • Thank you!