Tinker and Muse

  • Tinker and Muse
    Tinker and Muse was growing their business, and asked Elu Creative to help them with their brand positioning and identity. As the parent brand to many sub-brands within the company, it was important for their new identity to represent all facets of their business personality and what their customers already value and trust. The obvious answer was to capture their whimsical spirit. Tinker and Muse produces safe and non-toxic hair and body care products as well as makeup for women, teens, and kids that are innovative and unique. The concept was inspired by a girl walking through a magical world filled with wonder. The iconic girl is proprietary to the brand, while the typography combination of refined slab serifs and hand-drawn lettering creates a whimsical world in modern times. The color palette is refreshing, and vibrant. The new brand celebrates the products they produce, which are distinctly unique from their competitive market. 
    Within the parent brand of Tinker and Muse, Elu Creative also developed many of the sub-brands for their business such as Klee, Klee Girls, and Klee Kids, to name a few. 

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