Interactive Installations

  • Nicklaus Children's Hospital /

    In the main lobby of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida, we created three distinct feature walls that seamlessly integrate technology, holographic displays, multi-touch displays, video (for various marketing efforts), and static architectural elements to communicate campaign contributions and recognize specific donations made to the hospital.
  • Interactive narrative /

    The History and Innovation Wall was conceived as a digital exhibit. Located in the main lobby of the new patient tower, we created a seamless digital wall that incorporates 3D holographic displays – telling a unique patient success story and how technology saved a child’s life. The wall illuminates with digital messages integrated into the surface to display key moments in the history of the hospital as a leader in pediatric medicine. Additionally, we integrated a video wall with a custom sound alcove designed for the hospital’s various marketing efforts.
  • Campaign installation /

    The “Together for the Children” campaign donor recognition wall commemorates generous donors who gave to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital over the course of a specific period of time, for a specific initiative. The wall integrates seamlessly into the built environment via custom acrylic painted panels that list the various donors to make up the word “together”.
  • Cumulative donor recognition /

    To honor a growing list of major contributors to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, both past and present, we created an integrated, multi-touch digital array of displays that allows visitors to explore more about the donors and learn more about what it means to give. A custom, content managed back end allows the hospital to add donors and match them to their contribution level at any time. The wall displays donors within lists and according to the amount given.
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