MARCO & SILVIA — Wedding card

  • In september 2015 Marco and Silvia, two friends of mine, were getting married. For their wedding I designed —as a ‘best wishes’ gift— a pretty complex and particular typographic greetings card. Being the two newlyweds graphic designers, I made a lettering composition using five different fonts from five different font families. Moreover, I used —as a sort of ‘hard to decode copywriting game for neither not-Italians nor not-typography-fans’— parts of the font-family names to compose ironic but celebratory phrases for good wishes in Italian.
    The result is a 21 x 10 cm 300 gsm cardboard, printed in pastel colors, where the subtle typographical quote can be grasped only by analyzing the whole thing with extreme care and skill. The ‘guessing game’ is facilitated by some numerical data present on the paper folded sheet: this adornment and other ‘tricks’ can help the viewer who is looking for graphical connections. Probably it looks —in its abstract form— too much complex and difficult to understand, but this is done deliberately: the structure of the card is not properly conform to the universal guidelines of greeting card design standards… and it did not ever want to be! It is the greetings card for Marco and Silvia. A ‘custom made’ one and a ‘down with the classics’ one. It relies essentially on a completely unique concept of graphic grids and it is a veiled homage to typefaces that the newlyweds know well.
    Built only by fonts, but amalgamated with much love.
  • Details —

    Zooming on the folded greetings card.
  • Technical details:

    Offset 2/4 print on 300 gsm white cardboard. Folded (closed) format: 210 x 100 mm. Colors used: Pantone Yellow 0131 C, Pantone Red 0331 C, Pantone Blue 0821 C, Pantone 929 C (all the four colors are taken from the Pastels & Neons Pantone Plus Series color palette) + Pantone Process Black (used for the typographic elements, overprint).