• MFA Thesis Project at Minneapolis College of Art and Design

    Apr. 2017

    With one 40-inch TV screen on top and two 22-inch smaller screens vertically aligned and 1-inch adjacent to each other, an imaginary world as such is presented as video loops. Each TV screen plays a different video loop, and each loop is approximately 3 minutes long. These videos are motion graphic works mainly created with digital 3D modeling software MAYA 2017. The entire work is designed in black and white with no sound effect or text content. It is designed as the final thesis project during my time at MCAD. 

    Titled "N.SAIKNGS' EEMA", an anagram of “making sense,” the work challenges our own assumption of what reason and knowledge really are. This work is a self-initiated project to express my passion and understanding of the world I perceive - how its ambiguity, strangeness, and awkwardness fascinates me. By creating an alienated world beyond our reach, it reflects our powerlessness as human beings to ever understand and define everything. 

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