Researcher / First Teaser / Sci-fi short movie

  • We are so proud to present you the first teaser of our sci-fi short movie "Researcher". This project has already taken two years and a half. So now it's such a great experience for each member of our small crew.

    It was so difficult to find out which style and atmosphere fits our ambitions and ideas in the best possible way. Hope you like it!

    For this moment the project is on the main stage of production. We will try to keep you posted about all our updates.

    This project is fully self-initiated and non-profit that's why, unfortunately, we can't give you the strict date of the final release. But hopefully it will be the first quarter of 2018.

    Thank you for watching!
    Stay tuned!

    Direction / Design / CG / Compositing: Vladislav Solovjov
    Modelling: Vladislav Solovjov, Evgeny Park
    Soundtrack: Andrew Owlong

    Software: Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Terragen, World Machine, Modo

    You could find the concepts for the project here:
  • Styleframes: