Far East Tile

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    With Sydney property market booming since 2013, there has been huge demands for emerging building materials. Far East Tiles, as a strong China-based tiles manufacturer, is renowned for its extremely thin tiles. It plans to enter the Australian market with a brand new localised image.Product Catalogue Editing and Design as a part of localisation strategy, I re-classified Far East Tiles’ product line using visual communication to attract local interests. Differing from traditional product-focused logic, I classified products by their colour tones and textures into 11 unique collections. Each collection’s title takes inspiration from a natural element such as wind, lighting, rocks, etc. A well-structured outline, specific corporate fonts and neutral colour tones all delivered a clear, strong and remarkable product catalogue to Far East’s clients.

    Credits  Agency Mywish Brand   Principal Designer Meng Zhang   Portfolio Photograph Harry Wang

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