A Ballad of the Everyday

  • These images intend to rescue the blind spots that appear throughout our daily lives. If we look through the correct lens, even the most mundane of places can inspire and intrigue. It is an exercise of breaking the automaticity with which we operate in our everyday routine, that blind us to the beauty in the seemingly banal. Slowing down and looking carefully can transform the way we engage with the everyday.
    It is about becoming a flaneur that haunts the beauty hidden in the chaos of the city understanding the fabric that emerges from he everyday ballad of bodies that encounter. That accidental beauty it is what rewards ourselves with the pleasure and satisfaction of seeing universal harmonies. In a world overloaded with stimulation , observing pattern can help to make sense of the chaos. It is not about the bodies themselves, but the spaces in between them.
    Photography is a tool which makes this possible. According to Barthes “What the Photograph reproduces to infinity has occurred only once: the Photograph mechanically repeats what could never be repeated existentially...The Photograph belongs to that class of laminated objects whose two leaves cannot be separated without destroying” (Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida). It its the ability of freezing time in that unique fraction of a second which is irrepetible, making these corpses collide creating something new: the daily pattern of the chaotic urbanity.
    It is about exercising our vision by being able to experience the pleasure of beauty in the ordinary and perceiving the spontaneous dance that results from the accidental intersection of these bodies.