Pharrell 'There's Something Special' Music video

  • Where the concept began...

    Our old friend & super talented Director Alan Bibby from MPC enlisted our help on a vision he had for a new Pharrell Music video. The song is called 'There's Something Special'. Being that it was a cross promotion with the new Despicable Me 3 movie, a mandate was to see Minions. 

    His idea was to try a non-traditional take on the singing head concept though and do something completely new with how we would integrate the Minions. Alan wanted to put Pharrell in the sky, the airy quality of the aesthetic meant to match the slow trippy cadence of the song itself. Basically in his words, make it rad. We happily obliged. 
  • Under Alan's instruction, we began with some photoshop style frames. He had this idea of using kaleidscopes to help integrate everything together in a little bit cooler of a way. The trick deisgn wise we found was not getting to effects heavy so as to abstract either Pharrell or the Minions likeliness.
  • What we discovered in the first pass, where everyone involved liked the vibe was that it got too abstract. We lost the lightness conceptually Alan and the client were after. The designs also felt a little disjointed. They directed us towards all blue skies which worked well because it matched the Minions a bit and fought with the film footage a lot less.
  • Pharrell Williams' "There's Something Special" from the upcoming Despicable Me 3 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - available June 23

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    Production company: MPC
    Director & concept: Alan Bibby 
    Character animation: Illumination Entertainment
    Music Label: Universal Music Group