Twitch Partnership Posters and Patches

  • Project:
    Create a new flexible identity system for our internal partnerships team. This identity system will live on posters, patches and apparel that will be given out during the Twitch Global Partnership Summit held at our San Francisco headquarters.

    The Twitch Partnerships team is spread out across the globe and once a year is brought to our headquarters to meet each other and plan for the upcoming year.  Each partner manager works on their own specific region.  This identity needs to reflect the region without being centered on a single country or attribute.

    Each region while having its own cultures, customs, nuances and quirks, is still part of Twitch as a whole.  Instead of creating new lockups or logos for each region I chose to create a pattern based system for each partnerships team.  This pattern based system is flexible enough to be used in a variety of mediums and across other pieces but isn't strong enough that any one team would go rogue and start using it as a separate lockup to market their team, away from the larger Twitch brand.
  • Partnership Team patches for their bomber jackets.