Google Maps Exit Notifications (concept)

  • Problem
    There is a problem that I face with public transportation that I am sure many others have struggled with as well. The problem comes when you are using public transportation and not sure when to exit for your destination. Especially when the announcements are in a different language.

    When you are traveling around in a city that you are not too familar with it can be daunting to navigate your way around. Others like myself prefer to call it an adventure just to keep postivive. I have missed stops due to distractions for all kinds of reasons. 

    Google Maps has been a huge help in getting me around foreign cities during trips. I believe there is possibiltiy for an extra feature that would help solve this kind of problem.

    "Do you have your exit buddy?" - Crush Turtle

    I may or may not have been somewhat inspired after watching a certain underwater Pixar movie. How great would it be just to have that extra help of confidence when exiting your train or trolley, like some kind of exit buddy. 

    There is room for an exit notification feature right in the Google Maps application and I believe it could be very helpful in that extra step of helping users navigate trains, trams, buses across new and foreign cities. Enter “Exit Notifications”…

  • In the application once you have entered your location and destination settings there is a set of options underneath the map screen where the new Exit Notifications setting could be placed. Currently there is already a reminder setting for when to leave to get to the mode of transport on time. But there is no reminder that your stop is approaching. 

    This feature might not be needed for every user of Google maps which is why you should be able to toggle it on or off. 

  • Whenever you are traveling distractions come in all different ways like having a conversation in the metro or you find your self dozing off in the train. You can have that little assurance of knowing when to get off at the correct stop. 

  • Apple Watch can take advantage of this type of notification.

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