• Overview 
    AURA is an exploration of combining smart design and rich technology to craft an innovative concept and feasible business solution. I strive to deliver a memorable and emotional experience by connecting people through senses of smell on a digital platform. I designed and developed a software prototype with a hardware prototype using interactive design principles. AURA brings a fun and exciting experience not only through scents but also through a lush, ethereal visual experience.
  • Background
    In the modern era, people experience social and emotional connections through new digital mediums, but I have found that something crucial is missing, a sense that triggers our memory right away. I want to make scent digital, social and exciting. AURA is a unique product that enables people to collect, mix and share scents with people.

    AURA is a social networking app providing a solution for people that would like to collect, mix and share scents. When designing this app I followed the concept that physical distance should not prevent us from feeling close to those we care about. AURA is an innovative idea that will connect people in a new and exciting way.

  • Visual Design
    Visually compelling animations using modern and fun color palettes to entertain users while experiencing scents. Using fun and animated color waves to mimic scent movements. 

    Hardware Ideation
    I sketched a bunch of variations of the look of the hardware. My goal is to keep it simple and modern. 3D prototype model design using Tinkercad.

    Final Prototype
    1st aura prototype made with a 3D printer. Available in different colors and finishes.

    Technical Aspect
    Bluetooth connects the app with the device.  A feasible circuit prototype.