IDEAL / Re-branding

  • Objective /
    A re-branding project that aims to identify the essence of a dying or defunct brand and transforming it into a completely new direction while staying true to its soul.

    Strategy /
    Ideal Toy Company is a defunct American toy brand, that got its start from the launch of the iconic Teddy bear. The soul of the brand was to foster empathy in young boys and girls through the language of play. In order to stay relevant in an increasingly diverse and collaborative future my mission for the new Ideal was to create an environment that is inclusive, collaborative, and diverse. Our new logo concept is pinwheel, which symbolizes diversity, potential, fun, collaboration and childhood innocence.

    Project Deliverables /
    A set of three books. Each book works as a guide and covers specific aspect of re-branding:
    Visual Strategy Guide
    Visual Development Guide
    Visual Standards Guide
    Followed by a functional website that covers the future expansion of the new brand.

  • Project / Nature of Identity
    Instructor / Hunter Wimmer
    MFA Graphic Design
    Academy of Art University

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