Metra Development - Details Matter

  • Metra Development - Details Matter

    Metra Development is leading the development and completion of a new sector - Metra Park is a brand new neighborhood in the prestigious part of Tbilisi. The houses are surrounded by pine trees and other evergreens.

    Company pays lot of attention to details to make their buildings look-like artworks, as attention paid to small things has big rewards.

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  • Building versions

  • Shooting

  • 3D Breakdown 

  • Retouche Breakdown


    Client - Metra Development
    Marketing Team - Ano Bojgua, Avto Takaishvili

    Art Director - Abesalom Kavelashvili
    Photographer - Vakhtang Alania (Kikala Studio)
    3D Artist - Saba Kavtaradze
    Digital Artist - Abesalom Kavelashvili
    Actor - Sandro Asatiani