Noon Afterschool

  • Noon Afterschool Care is an innovative, fun and attractive place for girls and boys in the afternoon; a place where they will be cared for and grow after their regular school through playful and artistic procedures. Noon pursues the development of cognitive, intellectual and motor skills.
  • The development of this branding is inspired by Alexander Calder and his work, an artist who was always in contact with his fun-playful side, an art style in constant movement. 
    A dandelion character was developed to evoke the generation and transmission of knowledge, a seed that flies and spreads in motion.
  • The color explosion on lines, figures and characters are incorporated in collaboration with TACO architecture (Taller de Arquitectura Contextual). The spaces are ideal for the "Noonies”, nickname given to the children who are part of Noon, whom have a path of learning, growing and generating mindfulness.