• Overview
    STX partners with the Major League Lacrosse and one of it's teams, The Ohio Machine, asked STX to develop marketing materials for a youth camp the team hosted in 2017.
    I was asked to design a lacrosse stick graphic for the team and camp.
    After connecting with our marketing manager at STX, I acquired brand elements from the Ohio Machine and began researching how the team incorporates their visual brand elements both in marketing and in-play.
  • Ohio Machine brand elements.
  • I later connected with product designers to acquire a lacrosse stick shaft to develop a dieline and template for the graphic. Because lacrosse sticks are octagonal, I needed to ensure that the graphic was visible on the proper panels of the shaft.
  • After this, a few wire frames were developed. Knowing that lacrosse players tape near the end cap or the mid-point of the shaft, these were factored in to determine optimal placement for both STX and Ohio Machine logos.
  • Wireframe for brand elements. Dark gray zones represent common locations athletes place lacrosse tape for additional stick grip.
  • After a wireframe was built, low-fidelity sketches were drafted to get a general sense of the visual brand. Website graphics, marketing materials, logo features, and most importantly the end-user were considered when developing the stick graphic.
  • Ultimately, I designed a version that shared the aggressive bottom curve of the alternate logo seen on the Ohio Machine helmet. Using this shape helped communicate motion and brand harmony.
  • Final lacrosse stick graphic mocked up with Ohio Machine's Peter Baum.