AMC Theatres Sit Back Sooner Campaign

    Sit Back Sooner.

    AMC leads the way in innovating the movie experience. They were the first theatre chain to introduce the Dine-In Theatre concept, expanded food and beverage options, a bar and lounge and now online food ordering.

    Mobile ordering is common in restaurants like Domino’s, Panera and Starbucks but new to movie theatres. While we knew guests were accustomed to buying tickets on mobile devices, we had to find a clever way to communicate the benefit of placing their food orders ahead to avoid the concession line.
  • Willoughby and AMC worked together to create an intuitive campaign that invites guests to give this new service a try. Food and drink literally burst out of smartphones to quickly relay the benefits of ordering ahead. The headline, “Tap, Skip, Sit Back Sooner,” describes how it works. Other fun headlines, “Eats to Your Seats” and “First In Line. Every Time,” pair with bright pastel backgrounds that stand out in the dark movie theater environment.

    The campaign was also applied to numerous digital formats, including in-theatre displays, the AMC website and an animated pre-show spot that plays before the feature.