San Franselfie – Hand-Drawn Poster and Postcard

  • San Franselfie
    A Hand-drawn Poster and Postcard
    To create a vector illustration to be used for posters and postcards visualizing how it is to ride the iconic cable cars of San Francisco in our modern age. The style should be colorful, joyful and witty.
    The work is based on a real-life study of the cable cars in San Francisco as well as a careful research process to establish the best-suited illustration style. The main inspiration was taken from vintage poster art – including both posters depicting San Francisco and posters used for Danish Tivoli – Disney's new Mickey Mouse cartoons and the newest flat design 2.0 illustration trends as found on Dribbble.

    The first multiple iterations were drawn by hand on iPad using Adobe Draw and Apple Pencil. Further work and final iteration were made in Adobe Illustrator.
    The title typeface was specifically designed for the project with inspiration taken from vintage travel posters and the San Francisco Giants' iconic brand. The other typographies used were created to complement the title typeface and are hand-drawn versions of preexisting typefaces.

    Just as the illustration, all the typefaces were first drawn by hand on iPad and then adjusted in Illustrator. The same method was chosen to ensure consistency between the visual style of the image and of the text.
    The poster and postcard, as well as additional items like T-shirts, pillows and smartphone cases, can be purchased on Redbubble.