6th Biennale Thessaloniki (case study)

    6th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki
    Our proposal for the poster of the 6th Biennale of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki

    Φαντασιακές Εστίες / Imagined Homes
    The concept of 2017 Biennale is entitled “Imagined Homes”. By using the term home instead of house, the concept includes settlements and all kind of homelands, any place where anyone feels safe and accepted, where people find their roots, make social connections and start a family.


  • Project Concept / Idea

    Is it the greek letter Φ (F) that stands for Fantasy? 
    Is it a snail shell that represents all homes? 
    Is it the number 6, as for 6th Biennale? 
    Or is it a reference to the Golden Ratio? 
    The pattern we chose to design it’s familiar to almost everyone. It’s a symbol associated with several fields, including art, architecture, design, math, the innocence of a kid line drawing a snail shell. A living creature that carries its home, so as to be home no matter the place. Either in an isolated swamp or in the Acropolis hill, where the snail can admire the pattern of its shell actually applied in ancient Greek architectural styles. As the snail slowly slides from ancient Greece to the earlier times, it finds out that the humble pattern of its home-shell stars in modern art and in the Fibonacci sequence! Everything ends up to a number. In our case that number was 6, which we colored reddish. A warm, earthy tone that represents an artistic shelter for artists and visitors. Everyone under the same roof. A hospitable, modern roof that seeks harmony through strong contrasts.