• This spring in the Stockholm City Hall we presented the audiovisual performance "Cognition" developed by our studio in collaboration with the composer and pianist Nikola Melnikov, specially for the brand Asko. The installation of "Cognition" is an expression of striving for the perfect shape. Everything can be perfect–whether it is a geometric figure or a person. The experience of perfection exists where people open themselves in external icons. We thank Asko Appliances AB for their trust and support in the implementation of the project.

    PART I

  • The audience meets an object that enters our world for the first time – it is surrounded by emptiness and gradually accumulates information from outside.


  • The object is in process of searching and processing of information. We are working on it with the help of technology, helping from many different forms to find the true and suitable one. Layer by layer, we try to get to his heart, to its perfect shape.


  • Catharsis – the object passes into its perfect state. In perfection we find wholeness and completeness.



  • Media playback and light control were created and synchronized in Touchdesigner. Light beams dimmer values and point position were animated by 2d keyframes in After Effects in LED screen space and transferred to Touchedesigner. Setup was recreated in Touchdesigner 3D space, so we were able to calculate light beams tilt and pan angles by keyframed values.

  • Creative Directors: Mikhail Kabatov, Ivan Nefedkin
    General Producer: Aleksei Lozhkin
    Producer's Assistant: Anastasia Belyachkova
    Art Director: Alexander Abramov
    Technical Director: Evgeny Bespalko
    Concept Artist: Sergey Voronov

    Media Artists: 
    Yaroslav Berkut
    Artemy Perevertin
    Alexander Abramov
    Ivan Pronin
    Vladimir Arisov

    Music: Nikola Melnikov

    Videocase Production 
    Directed Video: Alexandra Zagorodnyaya 
    Director of Photography & Editor: Artem Ermakov

    With the technical support of the Big Screen Show company

    Special thanks: Dime Rangelov and Asko Appliances AB