Mellow Fellow by Hyeonil Jeong

  • Created on Gantri

    Mellow Fellow is created using Gantri's Table Lights Product System, which provides a standard set of components, resources and toolkit to help designers develop high-quality products easily.
  • Concept

    Hyeonil's unique shade has the appearance of ruffled fabric as it gently absorbs the light.
    He has treated the base and stem as an elegant, neutral backdrop.
  • How It's Made

    Mellow Fellow is manufactured by Gantri in San Francisco. The body of the product is constructed with our in-house 3D printing technologies and then carefully hand-finished by local craftsmen to achieve a smooth luxurious finish. High quality pre-engineered components are then assembled with the body and quality checked before they are delivered to customers.

  • Gantri is a designer-first manufacturer based in San Francisco. Using smarter design and advanced 3D printing technologies, we help designers worldwide turn ideas into high-quality design products.