BARE Coffee Roasters


    The prompt for BARE Coffee Roasters is to package design and showcase a new line of organic whole bean fair-trade coffee.
    In 1965, coffee connoisseur and explorer William Wilshire was exploring the lush Andes Mountains in search for some of the best coffee beans in the world for his unique roast. While on one of his adventurous expeditions, the explorer encountered a ferocious cougar ready to attack. Surprisingly, a bear leapt at the cougar to save the young explorer’s life. Forever grateful to the special bear who saved his life, Mr. Wilshire adopted the bear mascot for his Portland, Oregon coffee shop that he opened in 1970.
    Part of the values for BARE Coffee is that the coffee beans are 100% hand-picked and roasted by local farmers. To solidify this message to the consumer, part of the design label will incorporate a fingerprint from the local farmer who guarantees their roast. The fingerprints were later scanned in and vectorized.
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    Another unique aspect of the design was to utilize real coffee stains that were later scanned and vectorized for the company's seal with the bear.
    To coincide with the different types of rugged bears in nature. A cooler blue was selected for the light polar roast while a robust orange was chosen for the dark grizzly roast.
    Organic, fair-trade coffee doesn't require you foraging through the forest for the best beans. BARE Coffee has already done that for you.