Created: 01/09/13
Last Edited: 01/09/13
Architecture inspired soap packaging.
  • Modeled after the Coopers Motors Building in Stevens Point, WI, 523 soap takes a simple construction in its packaging. Since the building was previously used as a car dealership and auto body repair I took the idea of a hardworking man into the inspiration for this soap design.
    Because this soap is targeted toward the hardworking man I kept the design strong and simple, using a sans-serif typeface in all caps and an abstracted version of the decorative shingles from the roof of the building, as the building was very simple with no ornamental decoration other than the wooden shingles. I used black on cardboard to represent the strength of the audience, as well as keeping the cost of production down by use of the very inexpensive 2ply cardboard.
    The shape and color of the chunk of soap resembles the exposed cinderblocks on the building. Designed to be tough on dirty hands, the bar of soap is made of stoneground cornmeal grits, coffee grounds, and pumice and scented with bay rum. It’s the perfect size to hold and scrub your hands with. 523 captures the essence of the hardworking man who needs a hardworking soap for their dirty hands.

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