Grill 271

  • Grill 271

    Grill 271 is a fire restaurant, our homage to the mythical element that made us humans, symbol of our conscience, powerful and primitive tool that creates and purifies. Fire is passion, an object of devotion in every culture, it creates gods, dragons, tales, whole mythologies; fire is the source of legends and stories.

    The brand and its communications are inspired by the mystic and cultural representations of fire, creating a symbolic environment that inspire and ignite our senses, joined by spirituous drinks, creating a perfect balance that nourishes the body and the soul, the union of fire and water, a total experience. 
    We reconnect with the primal fire, the fire of our ancestors, ritual of encounter with our loved ones, of sharing food, drink and space. The human connection with our history and our fate.

    Grill 271 offers us all this gastronomic ritual, a grill with the best food and meat, a mixology of passion and spirits, an architectonic and interior design by Estudio Zoreda Cámara, a full vital experiences that revolves around our encounter with fire.