Mid-Century balance: data and conceptual visualizations

  • We worked with Climate Advisers and Climate Interactive to create graphics for their Mid-Century Balance website. Some of the graphics were also used in a presentation given by the Norway’s Climate and Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen at the Marrakech UN Climate Change Conference in late 2016.
  • Conceptual visualization showing how emissions and removals work to set the level of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere:
  • The Balance Year Range, where Carbon Dioxide emissions and removals create a balance to put the world on track for a specific range of temperature increase by 2100:
  • Graph variations that show different scenarios:
  •  These graphs are animated on the Mid-Century Balance site to show how greater temperature increases push the balance year range wider and farther into the future. To meet the 1.5°C goal the world needs to achieve a CO2 balance earlier, around 2034–2038.
  • Carbon Dioxide emissions by country per year, under one scenario:
  • Venn Diagram displaying Capacity and Opportunity resulting in International Partnerships:
  • Norway’s Climate and Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen DISCUSSING the Balance Year concept at the Marrakech 2016 Climate Change Conference: