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    Leap Club 理想堂

    Leap Club 理想堂,作为国内第一家专注于青少年软实力发展的教育机构,拥有由众多英美名校海归精英构成的导师团队。理想堂通过引导青少年关注社会议题、实践社会项目等社会化学习,实现创造力、领导力、沟通能力、思维能力、实践能力和社会责任感的个人软实力综合成长,旨在培养具有全球视野与卓越软实力的世界公民。 
    We are a social enterprise dedicated to the moulding of one's special social graces, communication, interpersonal awareness and leadership qualities; in other words, the 'non-cognitive skills'. We vow to ignite members' curiosity and aspirations, to animate their individuality, to amplify their potential, and to empower them with the ability to create, to explore and to appreciate life.