AIGA Atlanta 2017 Poster Show

  • AIGA Atlanta's Poster Show 2017
  • Promotional artwork and call for submissions to the local chapter's fundraising showcase of movie-inspired poster designs
  • Services: Graphic Design, Papercraft, Photography
  • About the Fundraiser: The Programming and Affinity Committee asked me to contribute the promotional artwork for AIGA Atlanta’s second annual Poster Show. The 2017 showcase, dubbed “Art Director’s Cut II,” would focus on film- and movie-inspired poster designs contributed by designers from across the city. Proceeds from the event went toward AIGA's annual programming.

    About the Design: I created the call for entries and promotional artwork by hand out of paper and found objects. The title “Art Director’s Cut” is an obvious play on the film industry, but seemed like a good opportunity to explore paper cutout designs of theatre signs and marquees on a messy, artist’s desk backdrop – replete with a nod to the quintessential movie snack: popcorn, which I used to create three-dimensional lettering for the event’s main title. The entire piece was assembled in real life and photographed from above to create the final visual communication in portrait and landscape orientation.
  • Created for AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Artists) Atlanta Chapter's 2017 Poster Show “Art Director’s Cut II”

    Displayed and distributed live at the event in The Highland Ballroom on Friday, March 24.

    Art Director, Designer: Russell Shaw
    AIGA Atlanta Planning Committee Creative Directors: Jessica Mullis, Katie Bryl
    Paper Sponsor: International Paper
    Print Sponsor: Bennett Graphics

    18"x24" finished size.
    4/0 color.
  • Behind the Scenes
  • All of the papercraft and three-dimensional popcorn typography was constructed by hand compositionally assembled in real life before being photographed.

    Two things, however, were digitally manipulated: originally, the popcorn box and paper marquee sign were white and red, and the red was adjusted to the AIGA Atlanta branded pink; and the counter in the "A" letterforms of "AIGA" were added in post-production.