The Fat Paintings

  • The Fat Paintings

    These artworks represent a condition that highlight a certain way of thinking in this modern world where human is no longer following the dominant narrative about an ideal figure of themselves. For example, an ideal man is usually pictured as having a tall and muscular body, while an ideal woman is usually pictured as having a slim or curvy body.

    The implication of this public acceptance (contra narrative) is, people become lazier and lazier to fix and take care of themselves, for instance by eating unhealthy food and not having sport because they think that their body is okay, no need further improvement, whatever the body condition is. People then become unhealthy and have indiscriminate lifestyle. One of the results can be seen from the high number of obesity in some regions. 

    The fat figures in the painting highlight the historical aspect that gives an alternative imaginary room which questions whether this is what would happen if the counter-issue concept emerged at those past times. There is a chance that the “ideal beauty concept” would be different than what we already know right now.

    The project was exhibited in Space: Gallery + Workshop, South Jakarta, as part of the annual student exhibition called SPEKTRUM. The exhibition ran from March 27 until April 16, 2016.
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