Brusnika | mobile app

  • Brusnika specializes in building democratic urban housing in the major cities of our country. The business idea of Brusnika is based on the desire to change people's lives for the better, offering democratic accommodation of new quality, simplicity and reliability of purchase, comfort, and functionality of living.
    In long-term plans, the Company is focused on building a sustainable business, the development, and growth of which are based on systemic advantages that are not sensitive to short-term market changes.

    In Brusnika understands development, as a constant process of transformation of the city and the space in which people live. For us, the details are important, which can make life better.

  • As a basis for the graphic style of this project was taken the material design, namely the material design of mobile applications. The goal was to create a convenient and understandable interface for several groups of users. The application should make easier connecting between Brusnika and real estate agent. Total 3 groups of users, the first is a realtor and real estate agency, which he represents, the second - manager of the Brusnika company, and the last - technical support. In this application, users can see how many contracts do you have, how many success cases, earned money, the basis of documents (photography, contracts, some documents, etc), and you can chat with the manager of Brusnika as well.
    To work out the options for user routes of different groups, the paths of each representative of one of the groups were originally developed, as well as the prototype screens of the future application. Also at the prototyping stage, was developed the user interaction with the interface and make it user-friendly.

  • Design solution based on the material design principles and minimalist ideas. User interface animation was made smooth and easy to understand what's happened on the screen. Colors used from branding colors of Brusnika branding guide and fonts as well.

  • Credits 

    Project manager - Dmitrii Pilnik 
    Design, animation - Kochurov Evgenii 
    Developer - Andrey Berlin 

    Many thanks for the help and active participation, in the development of this application, to the Brusnika company.
    You can download and try this app at AppStore and GooglePlay for free.