Smithsonian Institution Logos

  • Smithsonian Institution Logos
    Digital Products Branding

    Format: Branding and Identity Services
    Date: 2015-2017
    Company: Quotient Inc.
    Clients: The Smithsonian, Office of the Chief Information Officer; The National Museum of Natural History
    Skills & Tech: Branding & Identity, Logo Design, Adobe Illustrator

    While working on website properties for the Smithsonian, I was honored to use my creative skills and graphic design background to help further the Smithsonian brand as not just the world's largest collective of academic and research institutions but also a pioneering enterprise in science and information technology. The Smithsonian is an old and hallowed American cultural landmark but its future is bright and glitters with as much silicon as polished brass.
  • Throughout all of my work with the Smithsonian I took special care to ensure that my designs not only speak to the optimistic spirit of the Institution but also build on the existing work Quotient had published when I started. One such project was the Collections Search Center which echoed many of the sensibilities of the pre-2017 site while leveraging bright colors in the digital product branding to reinforce the positive feelings of hope and exploration that our projects often dealt with.